2014 TERRATRIKE - Rover Auto NuVinci

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Enter the Rover. This is a trike for the masses, and the masses demanded a no-nonsense, high quality ride. The Rover is designed with a higher seat for better visibility and safety, a turning radius that is tighter than most uprights, and layman-friendly adjustments and assembly for easy transportation.

The Rover has revolutionized the triking industry and made it easier for people to enjoy the fun of riding in comfort. Use it for everyday commuting, riding around town, cruising the recumbent trike trails, or for a quick run to the coffee shop.

- A great recreational option for riding around town or cruising down your local recumbent trike path.
- High seat height for visibility, safety and easy and off.
- Adjustable seat back angle.
- Comfortable and easy to use.
- Optional tandem attachments available for $899 (non-IPS) and $1,198 (IPS – Independent Pedaling System). For 8 speed only.

Available in Silver in the Nexus 3 & 8 and Tandem. Available in Blue in the 2 speed Automatix and Auto NuVinci.

Available in four drivetrain options:
- Nexus 2 speed Automatix - $899: This fully automatic two speed drivetrain shifts into 2nd gear once you get up to speed, giving you a 1:1.37 overdrive, then automatically downshifts once you start going slower.
- Nexus 3 speed - $999: (Special Order Only) Quality Shimano Nexus 3 speed internal hub simplifies your drivetrain and allows you to shift at a standstill or under load.
- Nexus 8 speed - $1,199: Quality Shimano Nexus 8 speed internal hub simplifies your drivetrain and allows you to shift at a standstill or under load.
- Auto NuVinci - $1,699: Combining a NuVinci N360 hub and an automatic shifting module, this trike constantly adjusts to maintain a consistent cadence; set your cadence and let the program sense when to shift for you. Shifts are smooth and seamless. Smartphone app offers cycle computer functionality. Blue tooth syncing allows fine tuning of cadence from a smartphone.

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Sizing Notes:
- One size fits x-seams from 29" to 47"
- Rider Weight Limit 400 lbs.
Sizing Notes:
- One size fits x-seams from 33" to 45"
- Rider Weight Limit 300 lbs.

Recumbent Tricycle Name: TerraTrike Rover
Frame Construction: Hi-Ten Steel
Fork: n/a
Rear Derailleur: none
Front Derailleur: none
Shift Levers: 2 - Auto, 8 - Nexus, NuVinci - ?
Crankset: Alloy Single 170 32t
Bottom Bracket: Alloy Single 170 32t
Headset: n/a
Cassette: 2 - 21t, 8 - 16t, NuVinci - ?
Brake Calipers: Zoom Mechanical DB-450
Brake Levers: Promax Linear Pull, Locking
Drum Brake: n/a
Front Hub: TerraTrike
Rear Hub: TerraTrike
Front Rim: TerraTrike Silver Single Wall
Rear Rim: TerraTrike Silver Single Wall
Spokes: Stainless
Chain: TerraTrike Silver Single Wall
Pedals: Platform
Front Tire: CST Reflective 40 PSI 20 X 1.5
Rear Tire: CST Reflective 40 PSI 20 X 1.5
Tube Type:
Frame Style: Tadpole
Steering: Direct
BB Height: 13"
Gear Range: 2 - 29-40", 8 - 20-62", NuVinci - ?
Seat Height: 16.5"
Total Weight: 2 - 41 lbs, 8 - 45 lbs, NuVinci - ?
Wheelbase: 39"
Overall Length: 69.5" medium setting
Overall Width: 30.25" (track)
Seat Angle: 35-70 degree adjustable
Weight Limit: 400 lbs.