Recumbent Help Guides

Everything you need to know in one resource! Check here often for updates on everything from measuring your x-seam to advice and considerations when choosing a recumbent. Click on any article title for more information.

Owner's Manual - A collection of links to manufacturer's downloadable Owner's Manuals and technical instructions.
Recumbent F.A.Q. - Our most frequently answered questions regarding recumbents. A great resource for newbies and 'bent veterans alike!

Installation/Assembly Instructions - Hostel Shoppe exclusive installation and instruction manuals.

Chain Tube Installation - how to properly install a chaintube and spring clip on your recumbent.
Recumbent Shipping Guidelines - Wonder what's involved with reassembly when you order a recumbent from the Hostel Shoppe? Here's what to expect.
Chain Length Adjustment - the proper way to determine chain length on a 'bent with an adjustable boom.
Front Derailleur Cable - The proper way to route the front derailleur cable when you set up your new bike.
Tire/Tube Installation - Step-by-step instructions for installing a tire and tube - make sure you catch everything!
Fender Installation - Step-by-step instructions for installing most recumbent fenders.
Kickstand Installation - Step-by-step instructions for installing a rear-triangle kickstand on a recumbent.
Volae Mesh Seat Installation - Step-by-step instructions for installing the Volae Mesh on a Volae seat frame.
Volae Idler Installation

Sun EZ-3 Basket Installation 

Tech Tips - Helpful articles regarding recumbents and commonly encountered technical situations that we've found good solutions for.

X-Seam/Body Measurements - One of the most important measurements to size a recumbent.
- Apparel Sizing Charts - Sizing charts and dimensions for the major apparel brands we offer.
Kickstand Fit List - recumbent kickstand applications and ratings.
Fairing Fit List - Figure out which fairing and hardware combination is right for your bike.
Fairing Care - how to clean up minor scratches in your Windwrap fairing.
Tire Sizing Explained - What tire size is that, really?
Chainring Bolt Circle Diameter Measurement - Want new chainrings? You'll need to know your Bolt Circle Diameter (BCD) when ordering.
Disc Brake Troubleshooting - Your disc brakes started to squeal? Check here for the easy solution.
Schlumpf Crankset - How to lube (or maintain) a Schlumpf Crankset.

Recumbent Articles - Hostel Shoppe's archive of articles that we've done regarding the world of recumbents.
Why A Recumbent? (Silent Sports, Part I, March 2000 - Revised January 2011)
Which Recumbent? (Silent Sports, Part II, April 2000)
Recumbent Tandems (Silent Sports, Part III, June 2000)
Testing Recumbents (Silent Sports, Part IV, August 2000)
Road Tests (Silent Sports, Editorial, August 2000)
High-tech Trikes (Silent Sports, Tricycle Review, July 2002 - Revised January 2011)
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