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NUUN - Hydration-Electrolyte Tablets

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Just drop a nuun in your water bottle, store the tube in your pocket & you're ready to go. One nuun tab creates 16oz. of electrolyte hydration. Drinking nuun will hydrate you better than water alone because with each sip, you're drinking a consistently balanced ratio of water to electrolytes, which will ensure that your electrolyte ratios are always optimal. It's used by cyclists, triathletes, runners, hikers, yoga-bods, travellers around the world.

  • 12 tablets per bottle.
  • Ingredients:Sodium 360.0 ml, Potassium 100.0 ml, Calcium 12.5 ml, Magnesium 25.0 ml, Vitamin C 37.5 ml, Vitamin B 2500 mcg.
  • Before & During Activity.