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The XTEZ Hardware is similar to the original mount, but attaches to the bottom (or top) of the main frame tube instead of the derailleur mast. This is a good mounting spot, because there is almost always no interference there. The fairing angle, forward/back position, and up/down positioning is all adjustable now, and over a wider range than before. This makes it a great mount for trikes. Besides the fairing bubble being easy to remove, the frame hardware is also easy to remove now. Simply loosen one collar clamp, and 95% of the mount slides off, which makes it super simple to take your trike in a car now.

  • Quick and easy installation.
  • Lots of adjustment, all of it with bolts, not band clamps.
  • Fits all kinds of things, from Rovers to Alizes.
  • Super easy to remove when you want to take your trike somewhere.

  • The rubber nut set is included with the hardware and NOT the bubble.

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