Recumbent Owners Manuals

A collection of links to manufacturer's downloadable Owner's Manuals and technical instructions.

Current Info on Brands We Carry 

Azub - Azub does not have an Owner's Manual on their site, but there is lots of great reference material regarding their recumbent bikes and trikes.  Take a look.

Bacchetta - The Bacchetta Recumbent Owner's Manual page also includes Inspection Notices and Special Installation Instructions.

Catrike - The Catrike Resource page (under "More" on the home page) includes Trike Owner's Manuals, Accessory Installation Instructions and Recall Info.  For trikes from 2004 to present.

Greenspeed - The Greenspeed Support Page features Owner's Manuals, Installation Instructions and Technical Manuals.  A great resource for Greenspeed recumbent trikes old and new.

Hase - Hase's download page features an E-catalog, Recumbent Bike and Trike Owner's Manuals, Accessory Manuals and Special Needs Info.

HP Velotechnik - HP Velotechnik has an assortment of Recumbent Bike and Trike Owner's Manuals, Warranty Info and Brochures on current product.

ICE Trikes -  You will find a wealth of information on ICE Trikes, including Trike Manuals, Parts and Accessory Assembly Manuals, plus How To Guides and Fit Info.

Sun Seeker - On Sun Seeker's home page, you will find links to the Recumbent Bike and Trike Owners Manual, Warranty Info and Fit Info. 

TerraTrike -  On the TerraTrike site, you will find Owner's Manuals for current and older trikes, Parts and Accessory Manuals, and a link to Video Instruction Guides.

Volae - For our in-house brand, Volae Recumbents, you can click for an Owner's ManualVolae Mesh Seat Fabric InstallationVolae Idler InstallationVolae Kickstand GizmoVolae Headrest 

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