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Please fill out the *Required Fields in the form below to receive a free Hostel Shoppe Recumbent Catalog in PDF format by email.  If you are unable to view a PDF format catalog and require a hard copy catalog, please indicate that you wish to receive a mailed copy in the comments below.  Please allow one to four weeks for delivery for a mailed copy.  Please also feel free to leave comments on how we may serve you better.

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2018 Catalog PDF Available Now! 

This catalog gives you a great overview of the recumbents we carry, as well as highlighting some special services we provide like Adaptive Cycling and Electric Assist.  Included are life changing stories by customers about how recumbent riding has improved their lives. You will also find helpful information about riding safety and efficiency. Please use our website for the most complete and up-to-date product information. In an effort to reduce our carbon footprint, the Hostel Shoppe catalog is now available in PDF format. Catalog requests, on our website, will automatically be fulfilled with a PDF catalog, which facilitates regular updating and greater accuracy. Not all of our customers live in the virtual world and you may prefer a printed copy of the catalog. Printed copies of the catalog are available upon request.

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