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Alpaca - Compact Carrier

Your Price: $243.00

SKU: 81257

The Alpaca Compact Carrier will carry many different styles of bikes, including SWB and LWB recumbents, without the purchase of cumbersome and expensive adapters. Horizontal carrying arms are approximately 29" apart, providing a very stable platform for many different bike frame styles. The ingenious "Alpaca Cinch Straps" provide secure mounting in many non-standard frame tube shapes and styles. The cinch holds your bikes on the carrier and will allow you to separate them if you desire. Designed for use with a 1-1/4" receiver (or 2" with optional adapter). Optional anti-sway device available, too. You can lock the carrier to your vehicle with an additional locking hitch pin, and you can lock your bikes to the carrier using a cable lock. Lightweight and easy, tool free assembly.

  • There will be an oversize charge for the rack, but NOT the adapter or locking hitch pin.