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da Vinci Designs - Easy-Split In-Line Cable Separators Shift

Your Price: $18.00

SKU: 75858

These clever devices allow you to easily separate your brake and derailleur cables when disassembling a S&S Coupled bike. Available for either shift or brake cables. Includes a shift or brake cable.

Installation: Cut your existing cable where you want the Easy-Split installed, at least 2" from any cable-stop or guide. Discard the rear section of cable. Unthread the two halves of the Easy-Split from each other. Insert the cut end of your cable into the "A" half of the Easy-Split so that it is flush with the end. Tighten both set screws. Insert a new cable (now included) into the "B" half of the Easy-Split. Reconnect the two halves of the Easy-Split. Reinstall the back half of your cable and adjust as you would any derailleur or brake.