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Easy Load - Ramp System Trike and Handcycle Ramp

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The Easy Load Ramp System provides unencumbered, safe loading and unloading of hand or foot powered tricycles to and from a transporting vehicle for persons with limited mobility as well as those persons of able body.

The ELRS is designed to interface with a standard 2" x 2" receiver hitch and is made up of six easy-to-use major components. These major components of the system are manufactured of aluminum to maintain as low a weight as possible.

The major components include:

  • One receiver hitch insert (not suitable for towing).
  • One ramp support "T".
  • Two ramps and two folding ramp extensions already assembled.
  • Four PVC Ramp Spacers to assist in maintaining the correct ramp spacing on the Ramp Support "T" for your three wheeler track width.

    Approved vendor for the Veterans Administration.