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Greenfield - Traditional Kickstand

Your Price: $9.95

SKU: 63329

Sturdy traditional alloy kickstand. Works great on any recumbent with a traditional kickstand mounting plate like the Sun EZ-1, EasyRacers TourEasy and Goldrush. Convenient length markings for accurate trimming.

  • This kickstand has a top mounting plate and works good on recumbents that have a mounting plate welded between the bottom of two tubes, where the mounting bolt won't fit through.

  • Be sure not to over tighten kickstands with a top mounting plate and crush your frame tube, thus voiding your frame warranty.

  • Kickstands are not designed to hold the weight of the rider. Do not sit on the bike when the kickstand is in the down position, it could cause the kickstand to fail.

    See the Kickstand Fit List in our Help Guides section for more fit information.