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Greenspeed - Grab Handles for 16" or 20" Wheels

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SKU: 88190

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Grab Handles are designed to make getting in and out of a tadpole trike easier. Lock the brakes, grab the handles and use your arms to assist your legs. Kit includes two grab handles, clamps and two heavy duty 9.5" mirror mounts. The mirror mounts clamp onto the threadless kingpins and the grab handles attach to the mirror mounts. Use on single trikes with the threadless kingposts. The Grab Handles do not work on older style Greenspeed trikes with the threaded kingpins.

Product Notes:
- One size fits both 16" and 20" wheel trikes with threadless kingpins.

We asked, “Why do the Grab Handles for the 16” trikes use the longer mirror mounts normally used on the 20” trikes?” Greenspeed responded, “We decided to use the longer length mirror mounts for both wheel size trikes, since if we used the shorter ones on the 16” wheels, which are already a bit lower than the 20” wheels, some people found they were a little too low to be properly useful.”


Greenspeed - 2014 Magnum Used
Greenspeed - 2014 Magnum Used

You Save: 16%

Greenspeed - 2016 Magnum Rally Demo
Greenspeed - 2016 Magnum Rally Demo

You Save: 9%