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Greenspeed - Seat Fabric Assorted

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When you've ridden so many miles and your seat is about to give away, have no fear, we currently stock seat mesh replacements for Greenspeed trikes! Why worry how many more rides your seat can take - get your replacement now!

Greenspeed seats have different numbers of holes in the back to thread the shock cord. Just count up how many holes are on your Greenspeed and pick the seat with the same number here!

17 Eyelets per side

Product Notes:

  • Don't forget to order the Seat Replacement Shock Cord.


    Greenspeed - 2014 Magnum Used
    Greenspeed - 2014 Magnum Used

    You Save: 16%

    Greenspeed - 2016 Magnum Rally Demo
    Greenspeed - 2016 Magnum Rally Demo

    You Save: 9%