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ICE - Quick Release Kit for Wheels

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SKU: 13023

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The 2010 & newer ICE models can all be folded down into a small package. On 2009 and older models the rear wheel, seat, carrier (if fitted) and rear mudguard can all be removed and the rear frame folded under without tools. If you wish to make any ICE trike smaller then you can also remove the front mudguards (if fitted), the front wheels, and slide the front boom in all with simple tools. However, if you would like to make these adjustments WITHOUT ANY TOOLS then you will certainly need the additional quick release kit.

- This kit fits the Adventure, Sprint and Vortex, as well as Q, T & S trikes since 2005.
- Includes QR for front wheel axles (drum and disc).
- Includes QR for mudguard clamps.
- Includes QR for front boom clamps.
- The new quick release kit for 2010 does not include the handlebar quick releases, because those come stock on all 2010 I.C.E. trikes.