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Profile Designs - 1" Stem Adapter

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SKU: 88313

This handy adapter can be used to mount a light mount on the front of a Hase Kettwiesel 2005 and older, or it can also be used to convert a Vision with USS to OSS with the addition of some Terracycle parts. Fits the inside diameter of 1" steer tubes.

Product Notes:

  • Do not use on threaded forks with more than 2" of threading.
  • The wedge must not be within the threaded area of the fork steer tube, as this can cause the fork steer tube to break and the rider to lose control of the bike.

    Profile Conversion 22.2mm (1" fork) to 25.4mm (1" threadless stem).

  • Steerer Clamp OD 25.4mm, for 1", 28.6mm for 1-1/8
  • For installing threadless stems on a threaded fork
  • Approximately 25mm rise increase possible if used with spacers
  • Polished silver finish
  • Quill Insertion Diameter: 25.4mm for 1 1/8" stems and 22.2 for 1" stems
  • Length of clamp area 1-5/8 (41mm)
  • 132mm to bottom of top cap
  • 137mm to top of top cap