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Saso - 1 1/8" Threadless Meks Carbon AC Suspension Rim/Disc Fork 20 inch

Your Price: $350.00

SKU: 82559

A good suspension fork is essential for undisturbed riding pleasure on a recumbent bike. The Saso Carbon AC (formerly Meks) suspension system has a right oil damper/free piston and a left MCU+Spring, external adjustment control and adjustable hydraulic damping. Construction features carbon fiber one-piece lower legs and a forged aluminum crown. Stanchion tubes are hard anodized aluminum. Also includes grease injector ports. These ports work with an injector gun (not included) that makes for quick work on maintaining your investment.

  • Fits a 20" wheel.
  • Wheel Travel: 45 mm.
  • Crown Race: 26.4mm.
  • Steer tube: 260mm.
  • Brake Compatibility: V-Brake, Magura Hydraulic or disc brakes (international standard 2000).
  • Weight: 3lbs 10oz
  • Not recommended for tandem use.