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SRAM - PC-850 6/7/8 Speed Chain 14' Recumbent

Your Price: $58.00

SKU: 81455

Extremely durable chain for 6, 7 or 8 speed drivetrains. SRAM® Power Chain™ delivers the performance you need on a city bike path or out in the middle of nowhere. The convenient PowerLink™ makes it easy to join links together. No tools needed. Insert, press, lock - it's just that easy! A coating of GLEITMO™, the finest chain lubricant in the industry, provides superior combination of friction protection and dirt fighters.

Available in two lengths: 11' 10" or 14'. The 11' 10" length fits most recumbent applications, or order the 14' length for longer drivetrains.

Chains include Power Links for tool-free installation and removal, but require chain tools for proper length adjustment.


  • Compatibility: 8-speed
  • Push Pin Power: Chrome Hardened
  • Technology: PowerChain II™, PowerLink™ Silver

  • pin this chain do not use quick links