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Looking for a wider handlebar to complete your bikes' transformation? TerraCycle has just the bar! Now you can have the handlebar that's exactly right for you! Whatever your size, whatever your most comfortable angle - you've got it! TerraCycle makes their handlebars in 3 grip widths, so where your hands rest on the grips matches your body and your riding style.

TerraCycle measures grip width between the centers of your palms, with your hands positioned normally on the grips. The bar width is calculated 2.7" up the grips from the ends of the bar.

If you like a wide grip width, the 48 cm handlebar is right for you! The 48 cm handlebar will also give riders the feeling of control. All-in-all, it's all about personal comfort.

- 25 degrees, if you prefer a flatter hand position, or if you need extra knee clearance.
- 45 degrees, the midrange angle many people find most comfortable.
- 55 degrees, if you like a more vertical grip or prefer the most aero hand position.

Product Notes:
- Black powder coated 6061 aluminum
- Includes adapter hardware (shims) needed to mount in a standard 1" handlebar stem.
- Grip sections of the bar are long enough (6.75") to easily accommodate both a GripShift and a V-Brake lever.
- Reamed to work with barcon shifters

In order to make sense of all the possibilities, we organize the choices by Grip Width and Grip Angle. Grip Angle is pretty simple, it's defined as the angle of the grip, measured down from the horizontal. Grip Width is defined the way it is for regular bicycle handlebars, as the distance between your hands sit when they are on the grips. The measurement is from the center of one palm to the center of the other when you are using standard grips and shifters/brakes. Note that this is related to the overall width of the handlebar, but is not the same. Where the overall width of the handlebar depends on the Grip Angle, the Grip Width does not. This makes it easier to compare handlebars with different angles- Grip Width always means the same thing- how far apart your hands are. Take a look at image 2 above and it will become clear. Note how all the handlebars in a given column have the same Grip Width, but the overall width depends on the angle.

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