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Windwrap - Hardware One Point

Your Price: $325.00

SKU: 39523

TerraCycle took their OnePoint Mount back to the drawing board. As more and more people discover the fun of triking, they decided it was time to rethink their most popular fairing mount. With a little elbow grease and a lot of brain juice, they remade the One Point Mount into an option that comes standard with fold-forward (and they dropped the price by $50 to boot!). The heart of it all is a versatile new friction hinge that includes overlapping, independent forward and back stops that allow for precise configuring.

The new OnePoint includes:

  • Smooth fold-forward for easy entry and exit.
  • Ability to set range of motion or lock mount in place.
  • Wide range, super easy setup.

    The OnePoint is now a single, more versatile system with built-in fold-forward capabilities and it all comes with a smaller price tag. Hostel Shoppe stocks the short mast/wide bar version that works with the WGX bubble and fits most trikes. Other versions like the tall mast/standard bar (fits GX bubble and works on most high racers) or the tall mast/wide bar (fits WGX bubble and works on most high racers) can be special ordered.