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Rolf and Barb riding trikes near Port St. Joe, FL.



As I entered my forties, biking on my road bike was really starting to hurt. Sore neck, back, butt and hands were causing me to do shorter rides and ride less often.  At a dealer bike show in Chicago about 25 years ago, I saw a recumbent bike and immediately ordered one. After a short time getting used to the balance and handling I was hooked. I thought, “Wow, this is a better way to ride and I need to tell people about this.” At that moment, the Hostel Shoppe recumbent business was born. 

At the time I trained for Nordic ski racing, running races and triathlons with a group of friends. I was about to become the only one on a recumbent. It was pleasantly surprising to me that I was able to keep up with them on my recumbent bicycle. I couldn’t use the recumbent in the Triathlons but I didn’t do many of them anyway.

Then the real fun started. Adventures that I thought I couldn’t do because of road bike discomfort became very enjoyable. Century rides became common place and 200 mile weekends were not uncommon. Riding halfway across Wisconsin became an enjoyable adventure.

On a recumbent bike, my annual biking mileage has been about double what it was on my road bike when I was much younger. Barb and I distribute our riding time between our Volae recumbent bikes, recumbent trikes and our Volae recumbent tandem.  For both of us recumbent bikes and trikes are a better way to ride.  

Our mission is to introduce everyone to the healthy and enjoyable sport of recumbent cycling and to provide recumbent buyers with exceptional service and the best possible choices in recumbent bikes and accessories.

We take pride in the fact that we ride recumbents thousands of miles each year. Servicing and selling recumbents is a daily part of our business. Extensive experience riding, servicing and selling recumbents helped us choose the best recumbents and accessories to present in this web site, in our store and in our catalog.

Put our extensive experience to work for you to make sure you choose the right recumbent the first time. 

- Rolf Garthus, Owner

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