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Baskets & Racks

  • $45.00

    Hase Lowrider Rack

    Even more space for your luggage and supplies on tour: our Lowrider shifts more weight onto the front wheel without affecting the handling. Major a...

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  • $66.95

    Hase Trigo/Trets Large Basket

    The Hase Trigo Basket mounts to your Hase seat back using the Hase Trigo Basket Mount.

  • $154.00

    Hase Trigo/Trets RackTime Basket Mount

    The Hase Trigo Basket Mount allows you to mount a Hase Trigo Basket on your Trigo trike seat.

  • $10.00

    Hostel Shoppe Catrike Rack Adapter Kit

    Hostel Shoppe Catrike rack adapter kit allows you to attach rear rack stays to the back of your Catrike.