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Electric Assist

  • $10.00

    Falco Axle Nut

    This is an axle nut for your Falco

  • $49.00

    Falco Extension Cord Throttle 12"

    Use this cable to extend the length of the throttle cable from the motor to the throttle unit by 12 inches

  • $78.00

    Falco Wireless Module For Old Style Connector

    ANT+ Wireless Module for old style connector. Connects the motor to the wireless console or wireless plus/minus controller or a smart phone App.

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    Original price $2,195.00
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    Falco f7.7 750 w 20" Trade-In Kit with Bonus Trade-in Kit

    Two for the price of one!  Trade-In used Falco f7.7 750w 20" (406mm) wheel electric assist kit, with a used trade-in bonus kit.  Sold as is, no war...

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    Original price $2,195.00
    Current price $1,500.00
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    Falco Torque Arm

    Torque Arms are needed for the high torque motoers offered by Falco. It prevents the anxel from rotating in your drop-out and keeps your whell secure.

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