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Lube & Finish Care

  • $7.95

    Park Tool Polylube 1000 Grease Tube

    Park Tool's poly-urea lubricant was developed specifically for bicycle maintenance and repair. PolyLube 1000 has an extremely high shear strength t...

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  • $9.99

    Park Tool Synthetic Chain Lubricant

    Using PTFE and a proprietary blend of oils, Park Tool Chain Lube works great in wet or dry conditions. Penetrates, reduces friction, prolongs compo...

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  • $16.95

    Park Tool Chainbrite Degreaser

    Biodegradable Citrus ChainBrite is specially formulated for use in the Cyclone Chain Scrubber. It quickly removes the toughest grease and grime bui...

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  • $5.95

    Park Tool Gear Brush (GSG-IC)

    Park Tool’s GSC-1 GearClean® Brush has a unique design. A large comfortable handle with a curved, toothed-end reaches dirt deep between the gears, ...

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  • $16.95

    Park Tool Thread Lock TLR-1 Medium Strength 10ml

    Threadlocker to prevent threaded components from coming loose. Park AP-1 (adhesive primer) must be used prior for TLR-1,TLR-2 to work correctly Med...

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  • $39.99

    Park Tool Chaingang Cleaning System (CG-2.4)

    This is the whole system. You got the Cyclone Chain Scrubber, you got the gear brush and, that chain degreaser is goning to get that chain shiny an...

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  • $29.95

    Park Tool Cyclone Chain Scrubber (CM-5)

    It's going to clean that chain. Put it in the two ends, fill it with the soap and run it through while holding the handle. This is the next best th...

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  • $23.95

    Park Tool Bike Cleaning Brush Set (BCB-4.2)

    A clean bike looks great, performs better, lasts longer, and is easier to maintain. Now with the BCB-4 Bike Cleaning Brush Set, having a clean bike...

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