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Whether you want to have a cycling adventure with your kids, pets or just carry more gear for a solo trek, we have the child trailers, pet trailer and cargo trailers for you from Burley Design.  We also have special trailer or tandem couplers that allow you to hook up two Hase delta trikes together or pull a trailer with a Weber Coupler.  The open road awaits!
  • $141.00

    Hase Universal Coupler for 2016+ Models

    With the Hase Tandem Coupler, you can link two trikes, like the Kettwiesel, Trigo or Trets, to make a tandem.  Just mount the coupler to the front ...

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  • $71.00

    Hase Direct Connection for Weber Hitch

    Weber hitch adapter: With the new Weber hitch adapter, you can even pull trailers that have a standard draw bar.