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T-Cycle FastBack Carbon Slim Seat Bag Black

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The FastBack Carbon Slim Seatback Bag is the one stop shop for hard-shell seats. Are you going to ride until the sun sets? Toss a jacket in the Carbon Slim. Gonna work up an appetite climbing that mountain? Fill the Carbon Slim with GORP and Clif Bars and you're set. Forgot it's Mother's Day? Grab some chocolates and a card and make haste! Our SpiderGrip technology is reconfigurable to achieve an exact, secure fit every time. Once you form the pocket to the shape of your seat, you can take it off and put it back on without any trouble at all. The FastBack Carbon Slim Seatback Bag will let you ride farther and ride faster.

Bigger seat bags aren't necessarily better, especially when you want to keep that 22 lb. bike light. The Carbon Slim seat bag is for riders who need only a little space for the essentials, like arm warmers, a jacket, lunch and a phone. You can also attach the FastBack tool pouch to the front of the bag for extra storage. Compatible with FastBack hydration packs. Fits the Volae, M5, Swanson, Optima, and EuroMesh seats; on the slippery EuroMesh we recommend using the tension strap around the outside of the foam pad for better grip - you're unlikely to feel it against your back. On carbon and fiberglass seats, put the tension strap under the pad. The wider Optima seat does reduce capacity slightly. The new Spider Strap arrangement allows custom fitting of the bag to a variety of hardshell seats that won't fit other bags.

Product Notes:

  • Made in Portland, Oregon USA of mostly Made in USA materials, by people who like to sew and are paid a living wage to make things. Unique, super versatile SpiderGrip harness, waterproof zipper, and heavy duty waterproof nylon packcloth. We don't call it "waterproof" because water will get in if you submerge it, but it will hold off a rainy day pretty darn well.
  • Has a white high reflective strip across the back, and a couple of webbing strips and a Velcro pad designed for attaching other things to it. We make an optional Tool Pouch that grabs on to the back and expands the carrying capacity.
  • SpiderGrip harness forms to the top of your seat and grips great regardless of the seat shape, including difficult to attach to seats like the HPVT BodyLink.
  • Urethane coated nylon, #5 waterproof zipper with nylon loop pull tabs. Velcro brand straps and panels.
  • Size approximately 12" x 10" x 4" (30 x 25 x 10cm). Optional Tool Pouch for additional carrying capacity. Webbing strips and Velcro panel on the back for attaching/carrying other things.
  • The harness on this bag is extremely versatile and will form nicely to any narrow-ish recumbent seat. It is not intended for regular, full width mesh type seats. It works great on narrow mesh seats like the Euromesh and the Hoagie though. It can be used on Challenge metal seats and hard to attach to seats like the Zephyr and BodyLink.
  • Actual Weight: 10 oz.
  • Dimensions: 6-10"w x 2"d x 12"h.
  • About 400 cu in.

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