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ESGE Twin Kickstand

SKU 210000002752

One of our favorites, the ESGE Twin Kickstand is a spring-loaded double kickstand that unfolds into a centerstand-style kickstand. It holds the bike completely upright and stable. Requires closely spaced frame tubes or a integrated kickstand mounting plate for installation. Works great on the Tour Easy, Gold Rush, EZ-1 or RANS Seavo.

  • Kickstands are not designed to hold the weight of the rider. Do not sit on the bike when the kickstand is in the down position, it could cause the kickstand to fail.
  • The bike must be picked up when putting the kickstand up or down. Rolling the bike backward onto the kickstand or forward off the kickstand may result in damage to your bike and the kickstand.
  • Requires closely spaced frame tubes less than or equal to 56mm center to center, or a integrated kickstand mounting plate for installation. the integrated kickstand mounting plate is what we recommend.

  • See the Kickstand Fit List in our Help Guides section for more fit information.
  • Rans Screamer Owners - Take Note:
    We do not recommend using this kickstand on Rans Screamer frames, because it will damage the frame. We strongly recommend using the Rans Screamer kickstand. If you damage a Rans Screamer frame using ANY kickstand other than the Rans specific one, the damage is treated as customer error, not considered to be a defect and not covered under warranty. 320mm