Fischer RC3 Skate Boot


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Fischer RC3 Skate Boot


  • RC Skate boots offer good torsional support for skating
  • Lightweight hinged stabilizing cuffs provide side-to-side support while allowing good freedom of movement front to back
  • Hook-and-loop ankle straps allow you to personalize and secure the fit around the cuffs and help hold feet in place
  • External heel cups support and stabilize the heels and counter pronation and supination; slippery fabric inside the heels reduces friction on entry
  • NNN outsoles have a torsional rigidity optimized for comfortable skate skiing; medium-flex platforms and a snug fit provide comfort and efficient boot-to-ski power transfer
  • Easy entry loops and wide openings reduce on-and-off effort needed; slippery fabric inside the heels reduces friction on entry
  • Highly water-resistant lace covers with sealed zippers ensure moisture is kept out
  • EVA foam cushioning inside the Fischer RC3 Skate boots provides warmth and comfort; after several days of skiing, the linings comfortably conform to your feet