Greenspeed Magnum XL Fossil Flat Charcoal Recumbent Trike


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Greenspeed Magnum XL Fossil Flat Charcoal Recumbent Trike

Available for In Store Pickup Only.  Please call 800-233-4340 to inquire about availability, if you are not located within driving distance to Stevens Point, WI.  You can place the order for the trike through us over the phone, and the trike can be drop shipped from the factory, if they have it in stock. 

The GreenSpeed Magnum, which was introduced in 2012, has been one of Greenspeed's best selling trikes. It builds on over twenty years of designing and building the world’s best touring trikes, with the prototype being tested climbing the Himalayas.

The Magnum has a large number of features which make it particularly easy and enjoyable to ride. The cross member is angled back in a "V" to allow the rider to get their legs closer to the seat, which is adjustable for height to make entry and exit easy. The seat is also adjustable for angle, so you can choose the amount of recline which is the most comfortable for you. The frame folds and all wheels have quick releases, so it is easy to transport!

The Magnum is designed to take riders up to 450 lbs, so it is very strong. Crafted from 7005 aluminium alloy, it is not a heavy machine either. Plus, with its large Big Apple tires, high ground clearance and wide range of gears, it is equally at home offroad, as it is on the road.

The seat was designed by a chiropractor and has built-in suspension and ventilation, and with the balloon tires, it will give you a comfortable ride. Plus, the famous GreenSpeed steering geometry and the oversize brakes make steering and braking effortless.

Standard Features:

  • Suitable for on and off road.
  • Seat is adjustable for height and angle using quick release levers.
  • Suitable for riders from 100 lbs to 450 lbs.
  • Great for touring and commuting.
  • Easily folds for transport and storage.


  • Greenspeed Flag
  • Rear Fender

Sizing Notes:

  • X-seam range: 42" to 52"
  • Weight Limit: 450 lbs
  • Riders should call us at 800-233-4340 or 715-341-4340 with their height, weight and X-seam measurement for sizing assistance.
  • Modifications may be needed for shorter or taller riders.
  • For detailed X-seam measuring instructions go to Recumbent Sizing.


Seat Height: 14" - 18"
Total Weight: 44 lbs
Wheelbase: 45"
Overall Length: 75" - 84"
Overall Width: 36"
Seat Angle: 30-48 degrees
Weight Limit: 450 lbs