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Greenspeed Scorcher Kevlar Tire

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If you want it done right - do it yourself. The Scorcher is a tire from Greenspeed that is designed for trikes to provide a better ride, lighter weight and lower rolling resistance than other tires. Kevlar Lined is puncture resistant.

  • This tire is not recommended for use on tandem trikes.
  • 40mm width.  Select wheel size.

Recommended Tubes for 16x1.5 (349mm):
Standard Presta
Standard Schrader


Kevlar belted tire has a solid blackwall and has a Scorcher TR logo.

  • Heavy duty tire has a solid blackwall and has a Scorcher HD logo. It's made with a motorcycle casing for extra durability.
  • 100 psi max
  • Non-kevlar 320 grams, Kevlar belted 340 grams, Heavy Duty 360 grams
  • ISO 349/40

Recommended Tubes for20x1.5 (406mm)

Schwalbe Presta
Standard Presta
Schwalbe Schrader


  • The Kevlar lined version has a black inner lining and has a reflective sidewall in a checkerboard pattern.
  • 100 psi max.
  • 358 grams with Kevlar Lining
  • ISO 406/40