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Hollywood Fat Tire Wheel Holder Fits All Sport Rider Racks Pair

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Universal Wheel Holder Set for E-Bike Racks FT-S

Set of heavy duty wheel holders for E-bikes and regular bikes for tires up to 5" wide.  Now with ratchet straps and rim protectors.


  • Comes stock on Sport Rider E-Bike rack: HR1500 and HR1700
  • These wheel holders are punched all the way through, and include welded gusset to support heavier bicycles 
  • Includes extra-long ratchet wheel straps: Total length 17.5" (11.5" of ratchet notches)
  • Wheel holder brace is 1.25 round tubing and is 7" long
  • These wheel holders sets will hold bicycles up to 80 lbs but, only if they are used on the HR1450Z-E, HR1455Z-E, HR1500 or HR1700 racks
  • The wheel holder for E-Bikes (FT-S) comes with the KNBSPR adjustment knob and the wheel holder for RV Rider racks (FT-S-RV) comes with the KNBRV adjustment knob. If you have an RV Rider buy the FT-S-RV wheel holder and if you have an E-Bike rack buy the FT-S
  • For bikes with 20" rear wheels you will need a Small Wheel Adapter to prevent derailleur hanger interference: SW-ADP-U
  • This product is for use with bicycles only. Do not use on mopeds or motorcycles.