HP Velotechnik ErgoMesh Seats Assorted


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HP Velotechnik ErgoMesh Seats Assorted

The ErgoMesh seat was redesigned for 2013. Without a doubt, the most important thing for recumbent riders is a relaxed seating position. A large-scale market survey and its valuable feedback inspired HP Velotechnik in further development of the ErgoMesh seat. The result? A thoroughly enhanced ErgoMesh seat with notable changes to the seat angle, the seat pan length, and the back rest. The new seat mesh also comes with additional padding for optimum comfort. Please, take a seat and see the results for yourself! Sits 3cm higher than the BodyLink seat.

Several of the many practical tests conducted on the prototypes of the new ErgoMesh seat showed that despite the enhancements, some bottoms could still be made happier. So HP Velotechnik proceeded to develop the ErgoMesh XL, a seat that will conjure up a relaxed smile on the faces of all XL recumbent riders. The XL version is approximately 5 cm wider than the enhanced ErgoMesh version and has a 3 cm longer seat pan and back rest.

Also available for trikes are the Ergomesh HS (High Seat), Ergomesh Standard, and ErgoMesh HS XL. These sit 8cm higher than the standard height ErgoMesh seats. Long Handlebars will also be required.

Product Notes:

  • For the Street Machine, if you want to convert an older BodyLink seat setup to the ErgoMesh seat setup, your BodyLink seat must have three mounts, and you will need to get the Street Machine Wide Handlebars to accomodate the ErgoMesh seat. You may also need longer Cables and Housings for the new wide bars.