ICE Ice AirPro GPR Seat Large


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ICE Ice AirPro GPR Seat Large

ICE's AirPro hardhsell seat is handmade in-house to the highest standards by ICE's master craftsmen. It is a lightweight form-fitting seat which is stiff and strong, providing excellent power transfer and making sure everything you put into the pedals makes it to the road. It is available in two materials and two sizes to suit different riders and different budgets. It is finished with a foam core fabric cover with dual density foam tuned for maximum comfort while keeping the weight low and the feel of the seat sporty.

The Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) version of the Air-Pro seat is the lower cost option which is fitted as standard on the Sprint X and VTX, and is available as an upgrade on all Sprint X Tour. It is composed of glass fibre and polyester resin, resulting in a very tough and durable seat with a gloss black finish.

Parts and instructions included as pictured.