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JSRLDesign Heel Slings Pair

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Do you want to keep your feet on the pedals, add power/speed, reduce your fatigue and do so without spending a bundle on clipless pedals and shoes? Well, Heel Slings are what you want.

This simple yet ingenious design allows you to:

- Ride with regular athletic shoes (or sandals if you prefer).
- Pull on the approaching pedal* using your calf muscle (not your shin muscle, like clipless pedals) for less fatigue and more power.
- Eliminates the need to push on the approaching pedal to maintain foot contact which decreases pedaling efficiency.
- Ride safer because it helps keep your feet on the pedals and not under the trike. Large reflectors on the Heel Sling platforms add visibility. Rapidly moving pedal reflectors are VERY visible!
- Quickly and easily lift your feet off the pedals without twisting or turning your foot to disengage the clipless pedal latch.
- Reposition your feet while pedaling for increased comfort. Try that with clipless pedals!

Product Notes:
You get a Heel Sling assembly for each pedal consisting of
- The cable assembly,
- The platform that includes the reflector and mounting screws and
- The wear bar and the cable tie to attach the bar to the pedal.

Pedals are not included.

INSTALLATION NOTE: The JSRLDesign Heel Slings only work with pedals that have an open design, with standard cages, and with removable reflectors.  They do not work with clipless pedals or single-sided clipless pedals.

Reflectors must be removed and the slings then use the reflectors' mounting holes for attaching.

We highly recommend pairing these heel slings with pedals such as the Dimension Compe Pedal or the Dimension Sport Pedal.

These pedals have an open design, removable reflectors, and steel cages.

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