Northern Lites Elite Women's Tru Trak Teal


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Northern Lites Elite Women's Tru Trak Teal

It is a full-sized mountaineering and backpacking snowshoe with highly aggressive crampons. The size and weight of the Elite provides for unmatched maneuverability in all conditions and terrain.  It is light enough to easily use in races yet rugged enough to handle even the 1,000 mile Iditarod!  At about 2-1/2 lbs. per pair, the Elite is by far the lightest 25” snowshoe on the market.  

  • 8"x25" and 38 oz/pair (Tru-Trak) or 37 oz/pair (Speed)

  • Surface Area 164in2 - great for a total snowshoer weight of up to 190lbs.

  • To determine which snowshoes goes on which foot, remember to always keep the heal strap buckle on the inside foot. 
  • Recommended for up to 175-190 lbs. total weight (user, gear, pack, etc.).

  • Off-trail hiking and camping, Cross-Training, Racing