Schwalbe Kojak Tire


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Schwalbe Kojak Tire

Smooth tread for easy rolling, good protection with K-Guard puncture protection belt. High-quality 50 EPI carcass, and available in Black with reflective sidewall strips.

Level 3 | K-Guard
Schwalbe's minimum standard for protection belts. This Guard has been proven for many years. It consists of natural rubber and is reinforced with KEVLAR® fibres. Together with the 50 EPI carcass all Active Line tires are well protected against punctures. KEVLAR® is a trademark of DuPont.

The basis for all Active Line tires is the high-quality 50 EPI casing material. SCHWALBE no longer produces tires with a coarse 20 or 24 EPI casing material. In addition, K-Guard provides effective puncture protection for Active Line tires.

Product Notes:

  • Wire bead
  • Max PSI 95
  • ISO: 20" - 406/35
  • Weight: 20" - 285 grams
  • ISO: 26" - 559/35
  • Weight: 26" - 395 grams

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