Shimano Rear Derailleur R7000, 105, GS 11-Speed, Top Normal S


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Shimano Rear Derailleur R7000, 105, GS 11-Speed, Top Normal S

The RD-R7000 is the first 105 component to receive Shimano's Shadow derailleur design. The unique Shadow design sits much closer to the frame and under the cassette providing much quicker and accurate shifting. The plane the derailleur travels when shifted is now linear and devoid of excess movement. Shadow results in shorter throw which in turn provides quicker and more precise shifts with less effort, even over the wider spread of the 11-34. The B-link standard hanger mount can be uncoupled from the direct mount pivot if your frame accepts the direct mount system. The RD-R7000 incorporates the direct mount option, which eliminates the B-link assembly and pivot, creating a stouter interface between frame and derailleur that results in even crisper shifting.


  • Road 11-speed Shadow-style short cage rear derailleur
  • Compact Shadow derailleur design
  • Designed for traditional hanger systems, with direct mount option (remove B-link)
  • B-Axle is stainless steel, with incredible stiffness
  • Cable routing is cleaner and more direct from frame to cable stop, stop has barrel adjuster
  • Total CR Capacity:  39T Medium Cage (GS)
  • GS works with 11-28 through 11-34 cassettes
  • Finish: Spark Silver, Silky Black
  • Weight: 232 grams (GS / Medium Cage)