T-Cycle Handlebar Riser


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T-Cycle Handlebar Riser

Super adjustability means you can get your handlebars right where you want them. Everything clamps on, so everything can be moved. Open face handlebar clamp for easy handlebar swaps. Since handlebars aren't welded on, they can be rotated to your most comfortable angle. Handlebar stem can be pointed forwards or backwards for an extra-wide range of handlebar positions. The handlebar stem is available in a range of lengths and angles, and since it's a standard part, it's easily swapped if you ever want something different. Cable stops can be set to match the riser being replaced, keeping your cabling the same. Cable stops can be adjusted for the best routing - up/down and front/back/sides. QR stem clamp at the bottom for easy up/down adjustments. Durable powdercoated 6061 aluminum construction. Includes short handlebar stem (60mm) handlebar not included.

Product Notes:


  • Inside Diameter of riser is 1"
  • Outside Diameter of riser is 1 1/8"
  • Fits Flip-It & GlideFlex 1" Outside Diameter posts


  • Handlebar clamp Inside Diameter 25.4mm (1")
  • Riser clamp Inside Diameter is 1 1/8"
  • Stem length is 60mm
  • See [Kalloy Stems] for other available stem lengths.
  • Fit Notes: 14" - Lightning, RANS or Burley 16" - Vision or Trek