T-Cycle Velogenesis Seat Strut Clamps


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T-Cycle Velogenesis Seat Strut Clamps

Ditch your noisy grenade pins and dramatically stiffen up your seat with these clever seat strut clamps. These little clamps simply slide on, then lock each tube independently. The tubes don’t need clamping slots or any other changes. You can now adjust your seat wherever you want it in as fine an increment as you’d like. And, if you ever take your seat off, it will automatically go back to exactly where it was. While many people get them just for the peace and quiet, most people find the biggest benefit is the dramatically stiffer seat support. Since the clamps lock the tubes completely, the back of the seat becomes much more rigid. This improves comfort, handling, and pedaling efficiency, all at the same time. Truly one of the easiest improvements you can make to your bike. One pair.

  • 5/8" x 3/4" (15.9mm x 19mm) diameter (RANS models, 2009 and older WizWheelz/TerraTrike models