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Adaptive Cycling

Adaptive Cycling

If you have had a knee injury, hip replacement, a stroke or have a disability, that doesn't necessarily mean you have to stop cycling.  The Hostel Shoppe has been setting up trikes and bikes for adaptive cycling needs of all kinds.  If you need all of the controls to moved to one side of the trike or the other, we can do that.  Should you have lost some range of motion in a hip or knee, we can use a pedal pendulum to reduce the pedaling circle so you don't have to bend the knee or hip so much.  Special pedals and devices can help keep a rider's foot or leg locked in place to prevent it falling off the pedal.  Stand-up aids can help you get on and off a recumbent trike more easily.  Cycling has been proven to help give much needed therapy to riders with Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson's Disease, and other debilitating conditions.  We are here to help you stay active and ride with family or friends, and enjoy the great outdoors.
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    Tandems East Crankarm Shorteners Pair

    Machined from billet aluminum, the Tandems East crankarm shorteners are lighter than their competitors and very effective. The most obvious applica...

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