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About Us

About Us

Breanna's Family

In the spring of 2019, I purchased Hostel Shoppe from Rolf and Barb.  I had literally grown up in the cycling industry, as my father also owns a bike shop in Central Wisconsin, which was my playground as a child.  I have managed that store since 2012 and was eager for the opportunity and challenges of store ownership!  





My husband, Justin, and I have two energetic little girls that LOVE to come to the store to help mom out and test ride bikes!    

Breanna's oldest daughterBreanna's 2nd Daughter



While I have a strong background in traditional cycling, I am eager to learn about the world of recumbent bicycles and tricycles.  My favorite part of working in a bike shop is helping people find their perfect bike.  Bikes have a way of making people feel free, strong and independent.  I love seeing the smile on people’s faces when they get off a bike after a great test ride!  Helping people, who may not be able to ride a traditional bicycle for various reasons, get that sense of freedom and independence again is worth its weight in gold! My goal is to introduce everyone, young or old, to the healthy and fun sport of cycling, and to provide all customers with exceptional service and the best possible choices in recumbent and traditional bikes and accessories that are available.   

Breanna VanDeHey