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Bike Fitting

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 A comprehensive fit philosophy created to help cyclists ride faster, longer and in greater comfort, while reducing the chance for injury.

Your Body Geometry Fit Experience 

Pre-FIT Interview

Every FIT begins with a brief interview by a B.G. FIT technician that will allow the fitter to better understand you, your riding style and riding needs. These questions cover injury and riding history in addition to flexibility issues.

20-Point flexibility Assessment

This series of evaluations provides an accurate picture of your flexibility and other physical attributes that will determine your final riding position. Assessments include foot structure, knee position, spinal curve and hip flexion among others.

Performing FIT

Based on the results of the Flexibility Assessment, this is a 12-15 step process with the rider on a trainer. Cleat placement, leg extension, saddle fore/aft and shoulder width are just a few of the points checked in this process.

Finish & Follow-Up

Once we believe we've made all the appropriate adjustments, we'll review the rider's comments from the Pre-FIT Interview to make sure we've addressed all of them. We then schedule a follow-up visit 2-4 weeks from the current date. If necessary, any additional adjustments to the rider's position are addressed at that time.

This is a 2-3 hour process. Cost is $175 for fitness, Road & Mountain Bikes. $200 for Triathlon & Time Trial Bikes.

How to Schedule a BG FIT with our Trained Certified Technician:

Rider getting fitted on bicycle

Simply call the store715-341-BIKE (2453) or 800-233-4340 extension 301 or click on the link below to send our professional bike fitter a message directly.  



B.G. FITs are performed during store hours (10am - 6pm) but cannot be scheduled later than 3:00pm due to the length of the process or on a Saturday.

Whether you're just starting out as a rider or are a seasoned cyclist, having a poor fit can greatly affect the quality and enjoyment of your ride. While there are many fit services to choose from, Body Geometry FIT is the most comprehensive fit system available to all riders, regardless of experience level or even the brand of bike they choose to ride. It goes beyond the basics offered by competitors, and is an individualized, scientifically proven system focusing on all aspects of a rider's position.

Body Geometry FIT has been developed through years of co-operation with Dr. Andy Pruitt, ED.D., PA of the Boulder Center for Sports Medicine, and is available only through Specialized Bicycle Dealers.