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Get FREE Shipping up to $50 now through December 19th with the code HOLIDAY2021.
Get FREE Shipping up to $50 now through December 19th with the code HOLIDAY2021.


Whether you're looking to maintain your own bike or trike at home, or you just want some tools to carry in your pack for on-the-road emergencies, or you just want to lube your chain, we have the tools, lubes, cleaners, pumps and repair stands to help keep you rolling down the road.
  • $50.00

    Catrike Calibro Tool

    Catrike Calibro Alignment ToolAll new redesigned toe-in tool anodized in a beautiful matte-blue with glossy black internal adjustment tube with gra...

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  • $86.90

    Clarks Universal Hydraulic Bleed Kit

    Clarks bleed kits have been developed in conjunction with cycle mechanics using a number of different manufactures brake systems to ensure they are...

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  • $39.99

    Crank Brothers Multi 20 Tool - Gold

     Details: 20 high tensile steel multi-tools, including an integrated tire plug tool Tire plugs come included with a storage case that mounts direct...

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  • $31.00

    Crank Brothers Multi-17 Tool

    This 17 function, super-light multi tool previously won the Editor's Choice Award for Best Multi Tool in Mountain Bike Magazine. It's very quickly ...

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  • $36.50

    Crank Brothers Multi-19 Tool W/Flask

    As far as multi-tools go there are a few things that every one should have and the Crank Brothers Multi-19 Tool has them all and more. The Crank Br...

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  • $19.95

    CushCore Bead Dropper Tire Install Tool

    The Ultimate Tire Lever.The Bead Dropper tire tool significantly helps in removal and installation of CushCore tire inserts.  Especially the critic...

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  • $25.00

    CushCore Tire Inserts 44mm Valve Set

    CushCore tubeless air valves are specially designed to work with a CushCore tire insert. The air passageway is T-shaped, rather than a simple throu...

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  • $8.99

    Finish Line Disc Brake Aerosol Cleaner 10oz

    Designed to leave zero residue after application, Finish Line’s Bicycle Disc Brake Cleaner displaces any moisture built up on the pad or rotor, res...

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  • $9.95

    Finish Line Disc Brake Fluid Dot 5.1

    Features a super low viscosity to yield superior lever response, pad retraction, and consistent performance through a full range of operating temp...

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  • $9.95

    Finish Line Disc Brake Mineral Oil

    Finish Line`s Mineral Brake Fluid is formulated specifically for bicycle brake systems requiring mineral oil Formulated with a low viscosity base o...

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  • from $5.99

    Finish Line Dry Teflon Lube

    High-tech teflon-fortified dry formula lubricant repels grit and grime, improves shifting and extends component life. Use on chains, cables and der...

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    from $5.99
  • $14.99

    Finish Line Grunge Brush

    Chain and gear cleaning has never been faster or easier! Scrub the chain with the compact bristles of The Grunge Brush to clean all four sides of a...

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  • $14.95

    Finish Line S&S Coupler Approved Extreme Fluoro Grease

    Extreme Fluoro Grease is made with 100% pure DuPont fluorinated ingredients. It is recommended for precision parts such as bearings (including cera...

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  • $8.00

    Finish Line Showroom Polish & Detailer

    Finish Line's Bike Polish made with Teflon® fluoropolymer uses DuPont™ Teflon® Surface Protector technology. Provides a brilliant shine plus long t...

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  • $13.95

    Finish Line Super Bike Wash

    Easy & Fast Clean Up! Super Bike Wash will quickly clean dirt, clay, road grime and chain soils off your bike with little to no scrubbing. Five...

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  • $8.25

    Finish Line Wax Chain Lube

    Finish Line's WAX Lube goes on wet, but dries to a hard, dry, super-slick wax film. No oily greasy film to attract or absorb dust and dirt. DuPont'...

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  • $7.00

    Full Speed Ahead Carbon Install Compound

    FSA Carbon Install Compound is an effective way to eliminate unwanted creaks, prevent slippage of your Volae ES frame joint and prevent corrosion o...

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  • $21.50

    Genuine Innovations 16g Threaded CO2 Cartridge 6 Pack

    There are a lot of CO2 cartridge vendors on the market. Why should you choose ours? Genuine Innovations CO2 is pure and clean - no additives and no...

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  • $29.99

    Genuine Innovations Air Chuck Elite Inflator Threaded

    Genuine Innovations Air Chuck Elite CO2 Inflation Devices, easy to use and fully controllable with Push-to-Inflate technology. All metal alloy desi...

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  • $1.75

    Genuine Innovations Presta Valve Adapter

    An absolute must for every riders toolbag, a presta valve adapter allows you to pump up presta-valved tubes with a schrader only or gas station pump.

  • $15.50

    Spectro Oil Golden Supreme DOT 4 Disc Brake Fluid 12oz

    Designed to meet the most demanding high performance conditions in today’s cycle braking systems, Golden Supreme DOT 4 surpasses DOT 4 specificatio...

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  • $125.00

    Hase Trigo Slide Hammer Tool for Differential Assembling

    Tool used for assembling the Hase Trigo Differential on a Hase Trigo.Product Notes: Click here for the installation video. Click here for the instr...

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  • $797.00

    Hase Workstand

    The Hase Workstand is well built and easy to use for both delta and tadpole style trikes.  Simply lift the single wheel onto the tray to facilitate...

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  • $104.00

    Hase Workstand Wheel Adapter

    The Hase Workstand Wheel Adapter allows you to use a tadpole trike on the Hase Workstand and pedal the tadpole trike to check and adjust shifting.C...

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