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KMC X10 10 Speed 348 Links Silver/Black Recumbent Chain

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Original price $96.00
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The KMC X-Series has been designed with the specific characteristics of the Shimano, SRAM, and Campagnolo systems in mind and will meet the most demanding requirements. Elaborately designed and manufactured, the X-Bridge technology, thanks to precisely chamfered plates, allows a smooth propulsion and perfect gear changes in all driving situations.

13 Feet 4 Inches (320 links).  Sized for most recumbent bikes and trikes.  (Please verify your current chain length)

  • DOUBLE X-BRIDGE: With Double X Bridge construciton, our chains increase shifitng precision and shifting speed. Smooth, fast, and accurate.
  • INNER & OUTER CHAMFERING: Ramps specifically engineered to engage with your chain rings and cassettes quickly and provide smooth shifting.
  • HIGH PIN POWER RIVETING: Get more miles with our extra strength high-pin-power chains.
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