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Hase Pino Cargo EP8 Orange Tandem Bicycle

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  • With its powerful Shimano mid-motor, the PINO STEPS is a genuine alternative to car ownership – be it as a commuter vehicle, family taxi, cargo carrier, or touring bike for two.

    The tandem as a pedelec: powered by Shimano.  Power at the touch of a button: an e-motor like the STEPS EP8 is pretty practical, particularly when carrying two riders, or transporting heavy loads. In short: the PINO with the Steps is a match made in heaven.

    The Shimano Steps EP8 mid-motor has a max. output of 250 Watts and 85 Nm of torque, and features three different assist modes: Eco, Normal and High. Its display is mounted to the end of the handlebar so that the rider can easily keep an eye on all important data – speed, assistance level, range, battery level, and much more – with no head-turning or neck-straining.

    The Shimano Steps also has a walk-assist function that makes it easier to push a fully loaded tandem. And that’s a good thing, because you just never know what or whom you might have to pick up along the way…

    The tandem as a city bike: adjustable wheelbase.  The PINO STEPS has a telescoping frame. This means that you can shorten the wheelbase by simply pushing the front section into the main frame. The result? A nimble cargo bike with the wheelbase of a normal city bike, a family taxi that can be parked in tight spaces in cellars, garages, or other parking areas, or a tandem that fits onto any standard rear-mounted car rack.

    In short: a bicycle that adjusts... To your life.

    The tandem as a family taxi and cargo bike: so versatile.  Some kids would rather be active co-pilots than veg out in a box or a trailer: kids from 39 inches tall can take a front-row seat on the PINO. Thanks to the freewheel mechanism and secure harness, these young co-pilots can also relax, nap or rest their legs whenever they want to. To accommodate the smallest riders under 39" tall, a Crankset with Adjustable Arm Length is also available.

    If your little one is off visiting grandma or their best buddy, the Porter Bag can take their place on the front seat. This weatherproof bag instantly transforms the tandem into a cargo bike. It has a maximum volume of 120 liters and can hold up to 88 lbs of cargo. Which is already a lot.

    But there’s room for much more: for example, large items like beverage crates can be carried on the lower Porter Rack. This accessory lets you safely transport heavy objects beneath the recumbent seat, lowering the PINO’s center of gravity for even better traction!

    The tandem as a bicycle built for two: ergonomically adjustable.  On the PINO, both riders can enjoy a panoramic view of the surroundings and the wind on their faces: be it on the rear saddle or front recumbent seat. Not only the saddle height, but also the height and width of the handlebars can be adjusted – without having to change the angle of the grips – to ensure that the rear rider is sitting in an ergonomically optimal position.

    The recumbent front seat can accommodate riders between 39” to 6’-7” in height. The position of the front crankset can also be quickly adjusted to the rider’s leg length. Keep in mind: all you need for sitting in the front seat is trust in the rear rider. If this trust is there, even people with a visual impairment can experience the joy and exhilaration of cycling. For riders with impaired motor skills, various special pedals are available. And thanks to the freewheel, no pedaling is required: they can simply sit, well-secured, in the front seat and enjoy the ride.

    Versatility. Ergonomics. Stability.  First, you’ll see the difference, and then you’ll see the brilliance: the frame design. Like its predecessor model, the new PINO also has a two-part frame. However, instead of a frame joint for taking them apart, there’s an ingenious telescoping mechanism. In other words: you can shorten the wheelbase by simply pushing the two parts together. The front section slides smoothly into the main frame, the geometry remains perfectly aligned, and the slack of the greasy chain is taken up by the frame-quick-adjust assembly.

    As a semi-recumbent tandem, the PINO has always had special handlebars. But now, we’ve managed to make them even more ergonomic. The width, angle and height of the new handlebars can be easily adjusted to individual riders. As a result, riders of any size and stature can find the perfect handlebar position.

    Two riders or heavy cargo – a PINO has a lot to carry. To make the PINO even safer and more enjoyable to ride, we’ve improved the stability in many areas. Furthermore, both cranksets are now roughly 30 mm lower than on the old PINO. As a result, the rear rider’s feet can reach the ground more easily, and the front rider pedals slightly downwards. Everything PINO? Everything PINO!

    Thanks to this new technology, the PINO can be parked in any hallway or cellar, requiring no more space than a normal bike. With the handlebars folded down, it can even be made compact enough to fit on any standard rear-mounted car rack.

    Even more mind-blowing: the shortened PINO is rideable! At its minimum length, the wheelbase is roughly equivalent to that of a city bike, and the handling and turning radius are more or less the same.

  • Porter Bag: It weighs a mere 3.5 lb. (1,600 g) but can carry up to 88 lb. of cargo! Once the cover has been zipped shut, the contents are well protected from rain and dust. With the "top down," larger objects can be secured using safety straps.

    Porter Rack and Double Kickstand: The foldable lower rack can carry up to 88 lb. When loaded it improves both stability and handling, thanks to the low center of gravity. The forged double kickstand with infinitely adjustable height (distance to ground) has and impressive base width of 27.5 inches and can be easily engaged and disengaged when the bike is fully loaded. 

    Adjustable Crank Arms: When you use the PINO CARGO as a tandem, these crank arms make it possible to quickly and easily adjust the pedals to the leg length of the front rider with no tools required. In cargo mode, the crankset disappears beneath the PORTER BAG!


    • Recumbent-upright combination makes communication easy
    • Unrestricted view for both riders
    • Freewheel in front – ideal for families and special needs
    • Excellent maneuverability thanks to short wheelbase
    • Suspension
    • E-motor
  • Specifications:

    • Motor:  Shimano Steps EP8 electric assist motor, 504 Wh battery
    • Frame:  6061 aluminum, telescoping frame
    • Fork:  Spinner 300 Suspension Fork
    • Brakes:  Roerever hydraulic disc brakes, Avid hydraulic disc brake levers
    • Wheels:  Rear: 26" (26x2.0 Marathon Reflex Tire), Front: 20" (20x1.75 Marathon Reflex Tire). Rear rim aluminium double wall with double eyelets, SAPIM stainless-steel spokes, hub with thru axle
    • Gears:  Shimano 11-speed 11-50 Cassette, Deore R Derailleur, Microshift bar-end shifters and Ergo grips
    • Crankset:  HASE BIKES tandem crankset with integrated freewheel mechanism (IPS)
    • Lighting system:  Lights powered by motor battery, B+M IQ-X Front, B+M TopLight 2C Plus Taillight
    • Fenders:  SKS black matte
    • Rear Luggage rack:  Atran Velo rear rack, Max. load: 88 lb
    • Max. load:  496 lb
    • Kickstand:  Ursus 80 Jumbo double kickstand
    • Total length:  87" (+/- depends on frame and boom extension)
    • Total width:  27" (at handlebars)
    • Total height:  53" (at computer/controller)
    • Wheelbase:  (+/- depends on frame extension)
    • Weight:  84 lb (33 kg)
    • Color:  Dormant Orange
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