Axiom Top Tube Bag Seymour O-Weave Framepack P2.5 Gray/Black


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Axiom Top Tube Bag Seymour O-Weave Framepack P2.5 Gray/Black

Shaped to fit modern bicycle geometries, providing low-profile, swingfree storage that won’t adversely affect handling. Soft-lined pocket keeps your phone handy, and incorporated keychain and clip offer quick access to keys.

Construction OCEANWEAVE® 600D reclaimed fishnet polyester with waterproof polyurethane coating.
Water-resistant stitched construction. Mounting System Webbing ladder offers endless fastening points. Simply cut the supplied Velcro to size.
5 Velcro, trim-to-length straps included. Added Benefit Dual-sided zipper access. Main compartment for larger objects on the left, and a convenience pocket for storing phone, keys and wallet on the right.
Zippers close towards the front, keeping things neat and tidy when running lighting systems.
Soft-lined phone pocket is large enough to hold most modern phones, and doubles as a sunglass pocket.
Keychain clip (bonus keychain included).
Shape allows for use of waterbottles.