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CushCore XC Tire Insert 29" Single - Includes 1 Tubeless Valve

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How Cushcore Works

CushCore is based on a new concept: Tire Suspension. Any suspension system has a spring and a damper, and with CushCore, pressurized air in the tire is the spring and the CushCore tire insert is the damper.

Also like traditional suspension, a constant damping force wouldn’t work. It has to be dynamic. Suspension should be supple on small bumps but firm on big hits.

CushCore responds differently depending on the tire loading scenario. The more the tire flexes, the more damping it provides.  We break it down into small, medium, and large tire deflections.

See how CushCore improves your wheels!


  • Rim protection
  • Prevents flat tires
  • Less rider fatigue
  • More control

Faster Rolling

Wheel Energy, an independent tire and wheel testing contractor based in Finland, performed rolling resistance tests for CushCore. They apply a fixed load to simulate the rider’s weight and roll the wheel on a drum. The test compares a Schwalbe Nobby Nic 2.35 tubeless tire with and without CushCore at 25 psi. 

CushCore reduced rolling resistance by 3.2% compared to standard tubeless tires.

Standard tubeless tire: 37.1 watts
CushCore equipped tire: 35.9 watts
Energy savings: 1.2 watts (3.2%)


  • Less rolling resistance / fast rolling
  • Suspension benefits help preserve forward momentum through rough terrain
  • Freedom to run lightweight tires with supple, fast-rolling casings without compromising lateral stability or impact protection
  • Tires can be run at low pressure for improved flotation in sand


  • On small deflections under normal load (“just riding along”), a tire with CushCore maintains the resilient, elastic qualities of a normal tubeless tire.
  • Like a good suspension fork or shock, CushCore helps preserve forward momentum on rough ground.

Product Notes

  • CushCore XC fits tire widths 1.8" to 2.4" and inner rim widths 22mm to 32mm.
  • Includes (1) CushCore tire insert, (1) 44mm CushCore green presta air valve, (2) rim stickers
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