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Draftmaster Auto Rack HR-1T Trike - 1 1/4" Hitch

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The Draftmaster HR-1T receiver hitch rack carries one tadpole style trike. Compatible with a 1 1/4" receiver.

  • Because there are so many Draftmaster configurations and a Draftmaster rack can be made up of a variety of parts like an interconnect, cross arms and rails, please call to see if we have the parts in stock, or if we need to order them. Drop shipments from the factory are available.
  • Assembly required.
  • While we strive to make sure all of our photos are as accurate as possible, we do not stock all rack configurations, nor are exact photos available of all configurations. Racks pictured are the closest approximation with what photos are available from Draftmaster.
  • See Specifications for more details.

Draftmaster can be configured to carry any mix of singles, recumbents or tandems, plus delta and tadpole trikes!

  • Two singles + tandem
  • Two singles + two tandems or LWB
  • Delta trike + tadpole trike + single
  • Three tandems + single
  • Two SWBs + LWB recumbent
  • Tandem + LWB + trike
  • Plus, other combinations.
    No problem.

Options for your Draftmaster:

  • Front Wheel Carrier holds up to four wheels. Hides away when not in use.
  • Topper Lok security skewer with long-throw cam. Lock your bike to the rack. Security Hitch Bolt. Lock your Draftmaster to your car.
  • Secondary Fork Mount. Attaches to Sxx module - carry a short wheelbase bike.
  • Wheel Tray Adapter Kit. Carry a single or SWB when not using the Sxx module.

Standard with all Draftmasters:

  • Walk-up access to your tailgate - without removing cycles. Get at your stuff easily.
  • Rack swings back & down for easy loading. No high lifting required.
  • Cycles are always fully accessible. Get to any cycle at any time.
  • Cycles ride "in the draft" for better gas mileage.
  • Simple assembly and easy operation.
  • Easy to remove and store with our quick-connect design.
  • Modules* are interchangable to accomodate changing needs.
  • Available for 2.00" and 1.25" receivers*
  • Backed by a two year warranty.
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