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SportCrafters Trike Trainer Overdrive

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The Overdrive Trike Trainer from SportCrafters features an innovative progressive resistance roller drum. This feature gives you a power profile with speed that comes as close as possible to real-road conditions.

Powered by ARC Technology, the Overdrive automatically adjusts in resistance as the rider changes speed – no manual adjustment necessary.  In higher speeds, the OverDrive Trike Trainer will ramp up the resistance to realistically mimic road riding conditions.  This trainer is perfect for the active trike customer who wants to maintain fitness while riding indoors.  It is also perfect for families with varying skill levels.  Just turn the trainer around and it automatically functions like a magnetic trainer with low to moderate resistance.

Bryan Ball, Managing Editor of puts it this way: The best way I can describe the feeling I got when training with the new Overdrive Progressive Roller is “eerily realistic.” It does exactly what it claims to do. If you leave your trike in low gear and pedal a medium cadence, it feels as if you’re just cruising down the bike path. But if you bang up a couple of gears and start hammering, it feels sort of like you’re pushing into a stiff headwind trying to hold 25 mph.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Feedback SportCrafters has received from various users tells them that many stronger athletes like the ability to do intense climbing intervals by pushing hard at low cadence. The only way they can do that is to steepen the power curve in the higher gears. For those of you accustomed to riding on generally flat roads, the power levels in the higher speed range might feel a little steep, particularly if you're above 150lbs. or you're running tire pressures 100 psi and lower, but it is intended to. For recovery, or for a comfortable spinning speed you might therefore need to be in your small chainring. Have no fear. Your talents will develop quickly at lower RPM's than what you're used to riding on rollers. In the end, you will appreciate the huge range of power options you have available for doing whatever workout you want on rollers. Fits 16" to 700c wheels.

  • For use with Delta Trikes without a differential, use one Saris Climbing Block under the non-drive rear wheel and one under the front wheel.
  • For use with Delta Trikes with a differential, use a SportsCrafters Trike Trainer under each rear wheel and one Saris Climbing Block under the front wheel.
  • For use with Tadpole Trikes, use two Saris Climbing Block under the front wheels.
  • To keep your floors clean and prevent slippage, try the SportsCrafters Trike Training Mat.

    **Hostel Shoppe recommends using a specific trainer tire or a tire with a smooth tread for best performance withy trainer rollers.  A street tire with more tread or knobbies will wear prematurely and not perform well on the rollers, as well as creating more noise.  Call us at 800-233-4340 if you have questions on what tire might be best for your bike or trike. Make sure your tires are properly inflated before using on your trainer, too.**

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