T-Cycle Bar End Front Shifter Mount


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T-Cycle Bar End Front Shifter Mount

Ever wanted to attach a computer, GPS, motor controller, or phone right near your hands? Ever wanted to attach something like a mirror to the ends your recumbent trike handlebars, but you have Bar End Shifters, so there wasn't any way to do it? Well, now there is!

This mount uses a special clamp with a Cable Tunnel in it that attaches to the end of your handlebars right under your Bar End Shifters. The clamp goes forward and inward a little bit and holds mounting tube that goes up and then out. Since the clamp goes inward a little bit, your hands slide right past it. You'll barely notice it's there as you go from braking to shifting and back.

What you will notice is that your mirror is now right where you want it to be, and that you can easily see your phone and operate the buttons on your motor controller.

Works with cable in front (Most Catrike, HP Velotechnik, Azub, Etc.)