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Toko Base Prep Grip Wax Green 27g

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Designed as a base binder for all hard waxes, the Toko Green Base binder is a "secret weapon" that should be in every nordic waxing kit.

Product Notes:

  • No more tin peeling, the easy-to-use container works like a twist adjust lipstick
  • Good for all temperatures and track conditions when hard wax durability is necessary.
  • Excellent as a binder to increase durability of a grip wax, it also has outstanding application as a base wax to to increase grip of the top grip coat. Try mixing with Toko Green klister in hard glazed tracks
  • The secret weapon reference is about this wax's amazing application as a grip wax. Applied short and thick, this can work well in conditions where it is difficult to decide if the snow is hard wax or klister conditions 
  • Used as a base for other grip wax layers and increases abrasion resistance.
  • Snow Temperature Range: -22 to 32 °F
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