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A yellow Greenspeed recumbent trike sits on a gravel path surrounded by old log fencing on the grass along the path.

Recumbents - Demos and Used

Hostel Shoppe occasionally receives used and demo recumbent bikes and trikes on brands that we carry, such as Azub, Catrike, TerraTrike, HP Velotechnik, ICE Trikes, Greenspeed and more.  Recumbent bikes and trikes are a great choice if you want to minimize the soreness associated with riding an upright bicycle, but maintain a healthy lifestyle. Recumbents offer many benefits —you’ll be able burn calories, embark on long trips, and feel that familiar rush of energy.

All of our demo and used recumbents for sale have received full tune-ups and are in quality working condition. These bikes range from lightly used to well broken in, so you can expect great performance out of these products. These cycling solutions let you get exercise, have fun, and not feel super sore afterwards. So don’t wait—shop used recumbent bikes and trikes for sale today.

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